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Materials Transfer Agreement

Science Commons Materials Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are contracts that govern the transfer of tangible research materials from one research institution (the provider) to another (the recipient). They are most commonly employed in the transfer of "unique research resources" such as cell lines, monoclonal antibodies, reagents, animal models, growth factors, combinatorial chemistry and DNA libraries, clones and cloning tools (such as PCR), methods, laboratory equipment and machines. Non-biological and synthetic materials, such as certain nano-materials, chemical reagents, and chemical substrates may be shared under MTAs as well.

Provider Information
Material Information

Transfer Offers

An offer provides a material under a specifc legal agreement. You can create multiple offers for your material.

You can include information about the offers on your web page; just copy and paste the HTML below into your page. The HTML includes machine-readable metadata which software can discover and aggregate.

Material Provider

Type the name of the institution, laboratory, or person who is providing the material.

Example: Jones Lab, Manischevitz Institute of Technocracy

Material Provider URL

Type the URL of the institution, laboratory, or person who is providing the material.


Provider Address

Type the address of the providing institution, laboratory, or person.

Example: 777 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA

Material Description

Type a description of the material being made available.

Example: Mouse tumor sample MT33-567

Material URL

Enter a URL corresponding to the material being made available. If you don't have one, click the Generate URL button and we will create a page for your material on the Science Commons material repository.